Polling attitudes on the “invisible cyclist”

We’d like to extend a special thanks to the Bike League’s Equity Initiative Manager, Adonia Lugo, for hosting last Friday’s “Equitable Bike Advocacy and the ‘Invisible Cyclist'” webinar. It was a great success and you can listen to the webinar or view a curated collection of #bikes4all tweets from the event here.

The following twitter exchange captures the gist of what the discussion meant for the future of the “invisible cyclist.”

When Najah Shakir of Boston Bikes explained that the term “invisible cyclist” made her feel unwelcome to speak at the bike advocacy table because it made her feel that she’d “been deemed invisible,” it gave us serious pause. Although we had intended the blog’s title to have more of a unifying effect–after all, our tagline is “all cyclists are invisible, some more than others”–it became apparent that our own blinders had prevented us from seeing the term’s potential divisiveness.

Listen to the webinar or check out the storify summary to see the various critical perspectives on the term. Then give us your feedback. Complete the poll below and/or leave a comment on this post. In particular, given that the aim is to create dialogue that leads towards a diverse bike movement working for equitable and just conditions to support bicycle transportation, what recommendations do you have for this blog moving forward? Do we need to rename it? If so, we’d love to hear your ideas

2 thoughts on “Polling attitudes on the “invisible cyclist”

  1. As I said in the poll, never knew the term ‘invisible cyclist’ in this context. I can understand why it was chosen, but wouldn’t a more positive pro-active term be better? Just don’t ask me what though, as a white anglo saxon middle class male (though with once upon a time ginger hair), possibly not the best person to come up with something?

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